Soft & Snug – Teddy Bear Fleece Bedding Sets for Winter Warmth

When winter arrives, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting cosy on the sofa, or bed, with a hot chocolate. Teddy bear fleece bedding is super-soft and one of the best investments you can make when the cold days come.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best websites to buy teddy bear fleece bedding sets online – duvets and pillows.

Wrap up warm and keep your body all toasty through Christmas and into January.

What is teddy bear fleece bedding?

Following the surge in sales for teddy bear coats, bedding companies decided to launch teddy bear fleece bedding for our bedrooms.


Customer demand has been just as strong. Teddy bear bedding is really on trend right now, just like it was last year.

Teddy bear fleece is a soft textured fabric that’s an alternative to ‘cold & cotton’ (cotton/polyester blend bedding).

Lying under a teddy bear duvet feels like you’re being hugged by a big warm teddy bear.

Other reviewers have said it feels like you’re being hugged by clouds.

It’s a really popular choice for October – April bedding before changing to cotton for the spring and summer seasons.

Where to buy teddy bear fleece bedding?

Studio teddy fleece bedding

Studio is a great website to buy teddy bedding from.

They stock teddy bear fleece bedding sets in single size, double size and king size.

There are grey, silver, pink, blue, white, red, yellow, purple, cream and multicolour designs.

For Christmas specifically, look at this adorable festive penguin teddy fleece bedding set featured on our website in single, double and king size. Two penguins hold hands (or flippers?) on the fluffy charcoal grey fabric.

Teddy Bear Fleece Best Sellers

The 2nd best-seller is this reversible teddy fleece bedding duvet set; available in plum/mauve, charcoal/ochre, charcoal/silver, charcoal/blush pink and mink/cream options.

teddy bear fleece bedding duvet set charcoal silver grey single double king size

Single sizes are £14.99, double £19.99 and king size £24.99. Really good prices.

For your money, you get a teddy duvet cover and one teddy duvet pillowcase on single bedding. On double and king size you get one teddy duvet cover and two teddy pillowcases.

We know this is the best-seller because it has nearly 350 customer reviews with an average review rating of 4.8/5.

Here’s a small selection of customer reviews –

Amazing! Soft! Very comfy. Can be used without blanket inside.

Very soft, easy to wash. Looks good on my bed and comfortable.

We brought this for our son cause he does not like normal sheets he absolutely loves it.

The number 1 best-seller is ‘Cosy Teddy Fleece Duvet Set‘ with more than 1,200 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5.

It’s been one of Studio’s most popular bedding sets around Christmas for a good number of years now.

grey silver teddy bear bedding set single double king soft wam cosy bedding

This teddy bear bedding set is £14.99 for single, £19.99 for double and £24.99 for king size.

There are eight different colour options – cream, navy, plum, red, silver grey, blush pink, ochre and charcoal grey.

Machine washable and super soft to really enjoy snuggling under when the weather gets cold at home.

Lots of happy customers have bought this teddy fleece bedding set for themselves and their children.

I brought one for my mum for her birthday she said it was lovely. So I brought my self one and I’m so glad I did its feels lovely and soft on your skin.

Bought this 3 weeks ago its amazing so warm and the weather we are having its the best my granddaughter wont get out of my bed she calls it the teddy bear blanket.

Wish I’d have this sooner, it is the cosiest bedding I have ever had, and looks amazing on, highly recommend it!

Head to the Studio website for other teddy fleece bedroom accessories such as teddy bear cushion covers, teddy bear fitted sheets, teddy bear bed throws and teddy bear pillows.

Shop – All Teddy Bedding at Studio

Amazon teddy fleece bedding

Over 600 results show when searching ‘teddy fleece bedding‘ on Amazon UK.

Ignoring the sponsored results, the best-seller is clearly the Brentfords Teddy Fleece Duvet Set with more than 1,200 customer reviews and an average rating of nearly 5/5.

dusky pink blush pink teddy bedding set teddy duvet and pillow double king

Alongside this gorgeous blush pink / dusky pink colour, other options include charcoal grey, cream ivory, grey silver and latte beige.

Single, double, king and super king are all available but will differ by colour.

The material is 100% easy-care supersoft touch bear fleece polyester and the set is machine washable.

The Brentfords range, like those sold at Studio, also includes a reversible teddy fleece duvet set in blush pink and grey.

reversible pink and grey teddy bear bedding duvet set

Shop – All Teddy Bedding at Amazon

Wowcher teddy fleece bedding

Deals website Wowcher is always a worth checking from time to time.

Sometimes they’ll have no deals on teddy bear fleece bedding but at other times they’ll have many.

Especially around Christmas.

Right now at the time of writing, 182 results show when searching for teddy bedding on Wowcher although a lot of the results aren’t actually teddy fleece bedding. Just cotton bedding.

So scroll down the list and make sure you select to buy items that have ‘teddy’ in their name.

This teddy bear fleece bedding set has been sold over 11,000 times.

You can save up to 68% on the RRP with six different colour combinations valid on the deal.

wowcher teddy bear fleece bedding deal

Shop – All Teddy Bedding at Wowcher

Wilko Teddy Bear Fleece Bedding

If you shop at Wilko, you’re probably more likely to visit their offline high street shops than go online.

But you’re missing out. Wilko bedding can be snapped up online with fast shipping.

This includes a strong selection of teddy bear fleece bedding – duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet sets.

Their colour palette consists of pink, grey (light and charcoal), ivory, teal and plum.

Many items show as in-store only but the ones that say ‘add to basket’ can be purchased online.

You also might see items showing ’email when in stock’ from the Sleepdown bedding range – an online exclusive product range.

Sleepdown bedding will be available to buy online. Put your email in to receive an update once your favourite items come back into stock.

sleepdown teddy bear fleece bedding duvet set wilko

Shop – All Teddy Bedding at Wilko

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