Christmas Bed Sheets – Polycotton, Brushed Cotton & Teddy Fleece

When buying christmas duvet cover sets online, the majority don’t come with bed sheets. You might have a few bed sheets knocking around that alternate whenever you change the bedding but, if you’re buying a new Christmas bedding set, you might as well get some new Christmas bed sheets too.

Our research into customer buying habits has shown that red bed sheets are popular to buy around Christmas. This goes hand in hand with the Christmas duvet cover trends we’ve observed where red and white are regularly best-sellers.

It’s rare to find Christmas pattern bed sheets.

If you’ve got a funky Christmas bedding set on the go, you probably don’t want more patterns on your sheets as well.

That’s just too much for the eye to take in.

So what are your options?

Fitted Christmas Bed Sheets

Polyester/Cotton Red Percale Bed Sheets

NIYS Luxury Bedding Store on Amazon

The extra deep fitted sheets sold by NIYS Luxury Bedding Store come in single, double, king and super king sizes.

They have black, white, blue, pink, navy, cream, charcoal, grey, teal, chocolate, purple, beige, duck egg, fuchsia, silver and…. more importantly… RED.

With more than 3,500 reviews, it’s clear to see these bed sheets are popular. The overall review score is nearly 5/5.

Prime next day delivery is offered too.

They’re made from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester which is ideal and will fit any mattress up to 16 inches tall. So you’ll have no worries regarding fit.

Excellent quality, premium materials, no gloss and easy to wash.

These extra deep fitted Christmas bed sheets in red would match perfectly with red Christmas bedding sets, white Christmas bedding sets and natural cream/beige Christmas bedding sets.

red christmas bed sheets extra deep fitted bed sheets single double king super king

Studio Bed Sheets

Studio are an online marketplace with a super Christmas bedding selection.

They also sell polyester/cotton red bed sheets (and many other colours) – ideal for your Christmas bed sheets shop.

The item you want to be looking at here is the Silentnight Ultimate Comfort Plain Dyed Fitted Sheet.

Made from a 50/50 blend, there are single, double and king sizes from £4.99 – £9.99.

Soft to touch, it’s claimed these are easy-care bed sheets and non-iron which is an added bonus.

Other colours to pair with your Christmas duvet cover include white, ivory, duck egg, blush pink, charcoal and ochre yellow.

Prefer flat bed sheets?

Look at buying the Silentnight Ultimate Comfort Plain Dyed Flat Sheet instead.

silentnight red fitted bed sheet studio single double king

La Redoute Bed Sheets

For red Christmas bed sheets, La Redoute have a polka dot design (also available as a flat bed sheet) that looks like snow.

la redoute red white polka dot fitted bed sheet christmas bed sheet single double king

They also sell a striped cotton fitted sheet (white stripes on red). Grey and white is also available.

red white striped bed sheet

If you like the La Redoute Ovelis Christmas Duvet Set, they sell a matching festive print cotton flat sheet.

la redoute festive cotton flat bed sheet

JD Williams Bed Sheets

JD Williams best-selling fitted bed sheet is the percale 200 thread count polycotton bedding linen.

It’s non-iron, easy-care, premium quality and durable.

You’ve also got a massive choice of colours.

For Christmas bedding, Berry, Natural and White are a good selection to consider.

jd williams cotton fitted bed sheet winter berry colour

Luxury Red Fitted Bed Sheets – Brushed Cotton, Egyptian Cotton and Teddy Fleece

NIYS Luxury Bedding Store

NIYS Luxury Bedding Store stock red brushed cotton bed sheets and red Egyptian Cotton bed sheets.

Many other colours are also available to buy.

It would make sense to match a brushed cotton Christmas bedding set with brushed cotton bed sheet, but you don’t have to.

Choose which Christmas bed sheet to buy depending on your preferred bed linen.

We all have our favourite go-to linen.

red brushed cotton fitted bed sheet flannelette extra deep fitted bed sheet single double king super king

Studio Luxury Bed Sheets

Buy your Christmas bed sheets at Studio and there’s a choice of luxury brushed cotton and teddy fleece.

The Silentnight Brushed Cotton Flannelette Fitted Sheet comes in six colours including red and white.

Priced at £7.99 to £12.99, select from single, double and king size.

Completely natural 100% brushed cotton and easy-care too.

studio fitted bed sheets red brushed cotton

If you want a Christmas bed sheet that isn’t plain, there’s a tartan brushed cotton fitted bed sheet, with the option of red and navy.

From the esteemed designer Catherine Lansfield, the pattern is simple to correlate with any busy detailed Christmas bedding set.

red tartan checked fitted bed sheet

Or perhaps you really like teddy fleece bedding?

If that’s the case, buy the Cosy Teddy Fitted Sheet with more than 250 customer reviews.

Eight colours include red in single, double and king sizes.

Teddy fleece bedding is renowned for its warmth and comfort and makes the perfect companion to a Teddy Fleece Christmas Bedding Set.

red teddy fleece fitted sheet

JD Williams Luxury Bed Sheets

We’ve selected a choice of three luxury Christmas bed sheets from JD Williams.

They seem to sell out of stock very quick so if you like them, get in fast.

There’s a ‘Supersoft Brushed Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheet‘ in claret which we think would look really good with various Christmas bedding sets.

Blush, ivory and silver also have a really calm presence with light pastel shades.

Available in single, double, king and super king sizes.

claret red brushed cotton luxury fitted bed sheet christmas bedding single double king super king

Secondly, there’s the ‘Supersoft Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet‘. So pretty much the same as the one above but not extra deep.

This is a good Christmas bed sheet because you can choose red in single, double, king and super king.

red brushed cotton fitted bed sheet jd williams christmas bedding

Lastly, for teddy fleece bed fanatics, buy the ‘Supersoft Cuddle Fleece Fitted Sheet‘. Ideal for adding winter warmth to your bedroom.

Claret, grey, blush and cream would all match with Teddy Christmas duvets and pillows.

super soft cuddle teddy fleece fitted bed sheet single double king

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